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31.07.2023 - Beginn 19:00 Uhr

EVILDEAD was formed in 1987, by guitarist JUAN GARCIA (AGENT STEEL, ABATTOIR), and bassist MEL SANCHEZ (ABATTOIR) along with drummer ROB ALANIZ. The intention of the group was to create heavy music with more attitude than their previous metal offerings.
The EVILDEAD line up was completed with temporary lead guitarist MARK CARO from ABATTOIR.
EVILDEAD’s debut live appearance occurred on April 11, 1987 at Fender’s Ballroom in Long Beach, California on a bill that also featured CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER, DARK ANGEL, and POSSESSED. Soon after the band entered the recording studio to track a three song demo featuring “Run Again”, “Sloe-Death”, and “Process: Elimination”.
The EVILDEAD sound was unique; highlighting a blend of speed, and thrash metal with punk overtones, and lyrical themes that explored political, thought provoking social ideas; mixed with horror, and nuclear war themes.

EVILDEAD unleashed “LIVE...FROM THE DEPTHS OF THE UNDERWORLD” and disbanded shortly after in 1992 with members pursuing other projects.

In 2009 EVILDEAD had been generating a strong buzz, and demands to reform for live shows; these heavy requests led to the band members getting together in October 2009.

The line-up featured original drummer ROB ALANIZ, along with guitarist JUAN GARCIA, bassist MEL SANCHEZ, and lead guitarist ALBERT GONZALES with STEVE NELSON handling the vocal duties.

The band toured Europe in 2011 co- headlining shows with SADISTIC INTENT including a live-appearance at “Way of Darkness” Festival in Germany.

EVILDEAD went on hiatus a short time there after, but returned once again with original vocalist PHIL FLORES rejoining the group, and bassist KARLOS MEDINA from “The Underworld” line-up taking over bass duties.

EVILDEAD released their long awaited comeback album “United States of Anarchy” on October 30, 2020 produced by Bill Metoyer; which featured nine new studio tracks along with a cover version of the B-52’s “Planet Claire” as a bonus track for

SPV/Steamhammer Records. At present the band has been performing sold out live shows, and is currently writing and recording new material for a brand new studio album.

There are plans in the works to return to Europe in 2023 for some summer festivals appearances and also headlining club shows. EVILDEAD has returned more powerful than before, awakened once again to annihilate the masses.

Albert Gonzales – Rhythm/Lead Guitars Juan Garcia – Rhythm/Lead Guitars Rob Alaniz – Drums
Phil Flores – Lead Vocals Karlos Medina - Bass



"Audentes fortuna iuvat." Fortune favors the bold.
There is a lot of immersion in the music and especially in the lyrics of POWERSTROKE.

Originally a trash/hardcore combo that rose from the underground, crushing yet grooving in a unique way.
Through the years we as a band created a musical brand on our own.

We were never part of the flock of sheep, on the contrary we are always there to spill the blood of the weak.

Marching proudly against all musical standards and named genres. We grew from a little monster into a fierce dragon, ready to consume whoever lingers in ordinary society and imposed religious structures.

Call us The Horsemen of The Adversary.
We walk on The Path against all others.
We invite you and challenge you to walk this Path with us, to experience the elements of Will and Self-illumination.
May Cain reside in you, the nature of the Luciferian spirit is purest beauty.

Powerstroke plays deathpop exclusively.



YMP (Austria):
Heavy Metal Band based in Austria-Tirol.
Sounds like "fresh-80ts-trash-badass-death-hardcore-metal"





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